Does the Death card mean that someone will die?

02 May

Whether or not you’ve had a tarot reading, chances are that you have heard a thing or two about the tarot.  In my next few posts, I’m going to discuss a few myths about tarot readings that I’ve heard over the years from friends and clients. I’m only covering one of them today, so if there’s anything that you’ve heard about tarot readings that you’d like me to discuss in a future post, just leave me a comment or a message. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Myth #1: Getting the Death card in your tarot spread means that somebody is going to die.

This is the Death tarot card from my Robin Wood tarot deck. One of my all-time favorite decks.

This is the Death tarot card from my Robin Wood tarot deck.

This is absolutely not true and it’s one that I hear about often. Most people tell me that their first impressions about the tarot were gathered from movies or television shows. The character usually walks into a seedy looking shop in the sketchy part of town and finds the tarot reader seated in a dimly lit room. As the tarot reader casts the spread, we see the ominous Death card, and the character finds out that he is about to die. It’s dramatic, and that’s why it happens so much in films.

However, in real life, the Death card, like all 77 other cards of the tarot, is an image containing various symbolism that collectively represent an infinite number of meanings depending on each particular situation. This card, like the rest of the tarot deck, has almost an infinite number of possibilities. I recently pulled the Death card for a client who wanted to know how her career would change over the next 12 months. When I asked the tarot to tell me what she most feared about her situation, the tarot showed us the Death card. I asked her whether she most feared that her business would go under and that she would need to start all over again, possibly in a different field of work, and she said yes. So there’s one example of the ominous Death card in action.

And if you still can’t shake the thought of meeting the Death card anytime soon, ask your tarot reader if they could use a gentler deck. Most serious tarot readers own more than one deck and will gladly read with whatever makes the client feel more at ease.

For my readings, I offer at least 4 different decks at any given time: the Rider Waite (the classic tarot deck), the Dreaming Way tarot deck (lively, optimistic, and gentle images), the Golden tarot deck (classic renaissance art with beautiful gold foil), and the Robin Wood deck (beautiful, vibrant art, reminiscent of the 80’s, and full of energy).


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