Enjoying the “Summer” slump and another new tarot deck for my readings

14 May

sailing morning.jpg

I’m getting a late start on tarot readings by e-mail this morning. The weather has been gorgeous these past several days, now that summer is really starting to kick in.  Since my new pocket-sized Thoth Tarot Deck wasn’t arriving until this afternoon, I convinced Cole to take Mr. Kate Madison and I for a sail early this morning.  What a fine skipper he is becoming! It even brought Mr. Madison out of his “it’s too early in the morning” slump which was when I caught him in the photo above (right).

In other news, I finally received my pocket-sized Thoth tarot deck, which I cannot wait to use after it has been cleansed and prepared! My older Thoth Decks have been sitting on the shelves for years, unused, due to their large size. I read better and find that I get better accuracy and results with smaller sized decks that I can more easily shuffle with my smaller than average hands. However, when I read for clients in person, I find that the larger decks are easier for clients to see while I’m giving their readings.  One thing that I love about e-mail readings is that I can use smaller decks and I can include clear images of each individual card in their reading so that the clients can follow along.  That said, I plan to obtain smaller versions of my favorite decks for reading purposes, and use the larger ones for personal meditation. The other day, I stumbled upon my Thoth tarot deck laying there on the shelf, practically unused, and the images were just so incredibly compelling that I felt the urge to bring it back into my regular reading deck rotation. Hence, the pocket-sized Thoth tarot deck, which, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m quite excited about!

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