My experience as a tarot reader on Fiverr.

14 May

Well, it’s official – I’m finally a level 2 tarot reader on Fiverr! *throws confetti over my tarot deck collection* I expect some eye rolling from some of the Fiverr veterans, who have been at this for a while now, but this really is a milestone for me and my tarot reading service. You see, while I’ve been reading the tarot for more years than I can count with all of my fingers and toes, I just recently made the decision to take my tarot reading services online. Tarot reading services have been offered online for many years, and I have seen my of my colleagues offer their services online quite successfully. However, I was always a bit reluctant to stray from the direct and in-person reading style that I was taught, that I had spent most of my life practicing, and that has brought me some of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I’ve encountered.  My father first introduced me not only to the tarot, but also the teachings and the ways of life contained within each of the 78 cards in the tarot.  And over the years, I learned to understand, teach, and read the tarot to others as a spiritual journey, a walk and a discussion with the universe, and a gentle guide for us in our life paths.  My tarot readings have always been “full” readings, because the tarot, to me, and each spread that I cast, whether it is a 1-card spread or a 13+ card spread, contains meanings, messages, and guidance that are whole and complete for that moment in time.  With that perspective, I’ve always offered my services with “full” and “complete” readings and at flat rates.  Because, how could I withhold these amazing messages because someone can’t afford additional time? And how could I address their concerns any less than what the universe has for them? For many years, I just couldn’t imagine taking my tarot reading services online.  I’ve seen others do it, and quite wonderfully, but for me, it was an unknown path and I needed it to work with my personal comfort level and beliefs about delivering through the tarot.

I knew that I didn’t quite feel comfortable charging people for the time it takes for me to meditate, shuffle, and prepare the cards. And I also didn’t quite feel comfortable with sporadic 1-2 minute question-answer style of telephone readings. From my experience, each reading is just too unique, as is each message that the cards convey. I read the spread as a whole, I feel the flow of the energies, the dynamics within the spread, the momentum, and I just don’t know any other way to read the cards. 

So when I finally decided to dip my toes into the online reading world, I decided to offer tarot readings by e-mail.  That way, I could offer a flat fee and I could provide readings the only way that I knew how – full and complete readings. I’d been reading within my community for years, but I was a fresh face in the online community. With that in mind, my goal was to share my services with as many as possible, tweak what works for online readings, what doesn’t, and get a sense for how I could best serve the online tarot community as a whole.

With that in mind, I found Fiverr, an online marketplace where everything is only $5. It’s been two months since I first launched my tarot reading gig, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.  My clients have been wonderful, and the community has been rather friendly and it’s a young and lively group.  And because I send my reading reports in writing for $5, I don’t have to worry about my clients getting away without getting the full and complete reading.  And because I’ve been incredibly blessed in my life to be able to offer my time and services without personal financial repercussions, I don’t feel pressed to limit my time for each reading, or to fill any order quotas.  It takes me at least an hour, and sometimes up to 3.5 hours to prepare each reading from start to finish, but the satisfaction that I get from my clients, and the personal fulfillment, has been well worth it! *throws more confetti*

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