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How to Give Yourself Accurate Tarot Readings


Tarot readings for others can differ from reading the tarot for yourself. Some people feel uneasy about reading the tarot for themselves, and this sense of uneasiness may effect the outcome and accuracy of their readings.  Perhaps when reading fo yourself, your own concerns and emotions may get in the way of your inner peace and patience to follow through consistently with a reading. For those of you who have experienced this issue, it is important that you maintain a  sense of constancy and calm whenever you perform readings, for yourself and for others.  Being consistent with how you begin each reading and creating a safe and peaceful space for your readings may help. Some ways to do this include:

  • Begin each reading by following the same steps each time. This is something that would be personal to you and makes you feel a sense of inner peace, comfort, and consistency.  For example, for my readings, I do the following:
    • I always perform my readings in the same space, which I have allowed to be used only for readings and meditation;
    • I will light a candle that I have prepared with cleansing and protecting herbs and oils;
    • I will light incense;
    • I will play relaxation/meditation music;
    • I will take three deep breaths in and out, close my eyes, and picture any worries, stress, and concerns being released away from me;
    • I will shuffle the deck that I plan to use for the reading with the intentions of clearing the deck from any past energies in order to prepare it for my next reading;
    • I will ask the universe for guidance through the tarot cards and offer my reading to greatest good of the universe.

Whatever your own steps are before a reading, always approach your reading with an openness to seek the truth, and with gratitude for what you will receive.

I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get.” – Louis Hay

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