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Tarot Readings with the Fenestra Tarot Deck!


My tarot and oracle deck collection has been growing every week ever since I decided to set aside my trusty Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck of over 10 years to explore the world of tarot deck art.  My collection has been expanding at a rather healthy rate for the last decade, and I’m still finding more and more decks to add to my list of future buys.  (For fellow tarot readers, it’s a Devil card moment, I know.) If you have been following over the course of the past month, I have introduced a few of my recently acquired decks, including the Dreaming Way Tarot Deck, the Tarot of Jane Austen, the Psychic Tarot Deck, and the Hansen-Roberts Tarot Deck (why did I wait so long?).  I will be following up with some tarot deck reviews of each of these and more in the coming weeks, as these have all been in my regular tarot reading rotation this past month, and I’ve had exciting revelations through my readings using each of these decks.

Today, I’m happy to introduce my newest deck, the Fenestra Tarot Deck by Chatriya, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  As a traditional Rider-Waite tarot reader for many years, I’m always drawn to the various ways each tarot artist is able to capture and expand upon each of the original tarot images of Pamela Coleman Smith.  And the Fenestra Tarot Deck translates the Rider-Waite images into very warm colors, and exquisite details.  I’ve included a photo of the first spread casted with this deck in accordance with my personal traditions.  I will post a full review on this deck shortly.  For now, I just wanted to introduce this new deck in my tarot reading rotation.  If you would like  a reading using the Fenestra Tarot Deck, just let me know when you place your tarot reading order!

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Just how much should you reveal to a tarot reader?

Fortune teller Albert Anker 1880

“But…isn’t that the ending from last week’s episode of Downton Abbey?”

People often approach tarot readers with a bit of suspicion, and so they try to give as little info as they can during a reading. Because the tarot reader should be able to see it in the cards without relying on additional information, shouldn’t they?

This is the result of the sad reality that there are many dishonest, or untrained readers, and clients are often faced with the daunting task of determining whether they are receiving an honest, competent reading. Many clients believe that if they tell the reader as little as possible, they can determine whether the reader is providing an honest and accurate reading based on the cards, or whether they are given a rehashed version of what the client just told them plus whatever Carrie was up to on Sex and the City the night before (and perhaps sprinkled with a bit of Dr. Phil and Oprah).

The truth is, how much information, insight, detail, accuracy you receive is often based on how much accurate, detailed, honest information you provide to the reader. That is not to say that with only your question, a tarot reader will have very little to provide to you. However, it does mean that with additional information, your reading will be that much more precise, on point, and clear. I often provide a great deal of information to my clients based solely on one question and perhaps a sentence or two. For an e-mail reading, that’s usually all I get to work with, but I may need to pull additional cards to clarify what I see, which means that the reading will take longer for me to prepare, and the resulting information may not be as detailed and precise as I would prefer (but I am an absolute perfectionist, so I enjoy giving my clients every juicy bit of what I see).

So really, this is a double-edged sword (am I using this right? ugh.) because to have the best reading, you should ideally give more information to your reader than just a name and a 3-word question, but if the reader is dishonest, they may be handing you information solely based on what you’ve just told them.

My advice is this:

1. Listen to your gut.

First, if you don’t feel you can trust your tarot reader, if somehow something about the reader doesn’t sit well with your gut instincts, then listen to your gut and seek another reader. Ask friends or family for a referral, or contact prospective readers with some of your concerns, get a feel for how they communicate, how they read, and their style of reading before you request a reading. No two readers and alike, and you will find that each reader has their own style.

2. Allow your tarot reader to work with you.

Once you’ve found a reader that you feel comfortable working with, go into the reading with an open mind, and give the tarot reader some general information, provide some context to your question, and let the tarot reader go from there. Based on the cards, they may guide you through with what they see, and allow them to work with you on your reading. By doing that, you’ll get back much, much more.

3. Know that you are the ultimately in control of your reading.

And always, if you don’t feel comfortable telling your reader about something, don’t feel as though you must! And on a related note, do not ever allow a reader to pressure you with scare tactics! (I will discuss scare tactics in more detail in a future post.) This is your reading and your communication with your reader will allow your reading to be informative without breaking your comfort zone.

If you would like to know more about my tarot reading style, and the services that I provide, just send me a note through facebook! Or better yet, try out a full e-mail reading from me for only $5, exclusively at:


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Where are you in your journey?


When you think of a tarot reading, what image first comes to mind? I’d like for you to consider seeing the tarot as a lamp.

A lamp by definition is a device that produces light and sometimes heat. A lamp can provide illumination on what’s behind us, beside, us, and ahead of us. It can show us what we’ve passed but may have overlooked; it can show us the paths and obstacles ahead. The tarot provides illumination on where we are, how we got here, and what we may face. It takes us from confusion, to a path lit with clarity. The tarot can show us how to safely navigate the obstacles in our journeys.

Where exactly are you now? Where’s your life compass taking you?

The tarot can shed some light on where you currently stand on the map of your life journey. I can help you objectively and clearly assess yourself to see whether you are on the right path to meeting your goals. In other words, it can shine a light over where you are now, give you a “reality check,” and guide you back to the path towards where you want to be.

The tarot can’t make your problems disappear immediately, but it can help you explore and identify your options so that you have a clearer viewpoint of the paths along your journey.

Where are you in your journey?

Pick up a tarot deck and see for yourself.  Or better yet, give yourself the gift of a professional tarot reading with Kate Madison.


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